Monday, December 21, 2015

Bear with me

Recently, I was asked some specific questions about how I became involved in the Native American Community, something I have been doing since I was ten years old.  If you know me, or have ever seen me, I do not look stereotypically Native American.  I have blond hair and blue eyes.  In fact, I am more closely descended from Irish and Scottish ancestry, than anything else.  But, the suggestion was to provide a place where I could put down my thoughts as they relate to how I was taught, and how I teach others.  This could be a repository I could share with others on why we do what we do, etc.  
This will not be easy.  The original intention of this site was to be a gathering place for info about the Boy Scouts' program of the Order of the Arrow.  But, I see now that this should be a blog about the things I have learned in my life as they relate to my activities in Scouting and in the Native Community.  It is my intention to give insight to my role in Scouts and the knowledge I have gained and continue to share with others.

Bear with me while I get my thoughts in order to begin this next step...